Therapy Agreement for Counselling 

Counselling is a two-way conversation between you and your counsellor, focussed on enabling you to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as any trauma you have suffered and its effects, helping you to cope better with stress. 

The information you share with your counsellor is confidential with the following exceptions:

  • The counsellor considers there is a risk of serious harm either to yourself or another.
  • If you were to disclose to your counsellor something that by law the counsellor must share with the appropriate authorities – such as an act of terrorism or abuse towards children and/or another vulnerable adult.
  • If you require us to share information with another agency, for example your GP or the police, we will need your written permission.

 Your counsellor is required to undertake supervision to support them to work ethically and safely. The supervisor will not know any of your personal details, but the counsellor shall share information from your work together. They will, at all times, keep your identity confidential as per the conditions set out above. Any notes regarding your therapy taken by your counsellor will be kept on a password protected computer and will only refer to you by your case number.

 Each therapy sessions will last 50 minutes, and you will endeavour to meet weekly at the same time. In line with current government guidelines your therapy will take place online by video call or by telephone as agreed. If you are unable to attend your scheduled session, please contact your counsellor at your earliest opportunity. In the event that your counsellor has to cancel your session you will be notified as soon as possible by text message, phone call or email.

 The relationship you develop with your counsellor is at the heart of your therapy. Working together helps the counselling be as individual as you are – so the approach is at your pace and always guided by your needs and goals.

 If, for any reason, during this therapy either you or your counsellor decide that they are not the right counsellor for you, they will support you in finding an alternative counsellor. Your counsellor will review your therapy on an ongoing basis, and you will consider together if the counselling is right for you at this time.

 During your therapy session, please ensure that you are in a safe, comfortable and confidential space with minimal distractions (such as your mobile phone) this will help you to get the most out of your session. If there are technological problems during your session your counsellor will make every effort to re-connect / re-call you. If this is not possible your counsellor will contact you to reschedule for the following week.

 As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, your counsellor works within an Ethical Framework. This ensures that your therapy is safe, appropriate and at all times in your best interest. You can access a copy of the BACP Ethical Framework at